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Workshops + Studios

Our film studios have been designed to be full working studios and they are fully wired to support external connections to OB vans or uplink trucks. The studios are designed to cater for international students, local, national and international TV producers who may need studio space and production facilities or to develop pilots for pitching to broadcasters and for broadcasters who may need additional facilities for high volume periods, such as at election times.

Studio Spaces

We have two mains studio spaces both are fully sound proofed, fully accessible and can be accessed using full scene dock entrances. Both studio floors are specialist resin based screed floors which provide optimum camera tracking performance as they are free from undulations, inclines and surface irregularities, which are totally unacceptable in a HD studio set up. The floor finish is anti-static and can receive semi-permanent studio floor paints. Two external wall boxes provide capacity for OB connection and/or for external filming and relays.

Film/TV Studio

The film/TV studio is approx. 200 square metres, with a clear shooting height of six metres and a motorised lighting grid. It is fully connected to the Production Gallery via eight wall boxes. It is also equipped with black, white (ecru) and green cyclorama curtains as well as having access to water and drainage.

Green Screen Studio

The green screen studio is approx. 45 square metres with a clear shooting height of four metres. It is connected to the Production Gallery via two wall boxes or can be operated separately using a mobile production unit. It has 75% surround chromakey walls and a black cyclorama curtain.