Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire


IADT's Print and Reprographics Service is a sustainable and highly available print service that allows IADT's staff and students to print, copy and scan to email quickly and easily.

All combined printers/photocopiers are known as multifunction printers (MFP) or multifunctional devices (MFD). They allow a user to print, photocopy or scan a document to email.

IADT offers a ‘follow me’ print system which means one can click ‘print’ from any computer across the campus and collect one’s document at any of the nearby printers. Please note that queued prints are deleted 24 hours after they were sent, if they have not been collected.

The printers are very easy to use but you must have your IADT ID card and credit on your account to use them. Student’s PIN is set to 1234 which they can change to a PIN of their choice. Staff are emailed a PUK code with-in 24hrs of them joining the Institute.

Getting the best out of IADT’s printers + photocopiers

  • Check that you have selected the printer correctly page size and colour.
  • Do not lean on printers when printing.
  • Do not pull paper out until printing has finished. This may cause jams.
  • When a printer jam is cleared any documents waiting in the printer queue will be printed, so check back at the machine to see if your work has printed.
  • Do not print on different paper or acetates. These will jam the printer — the paper drawers are locked to avoid this potential issue.

  • Check the size of the document file for print. Try and keep the size to a reasonable file size <20mb.
  • If you print large files it will take a longer time to print. The data light will flash on the printer… just be patient!

Check the size of your file on the disk, not the size of the paper, as you can unknowingly create large files in Photoshop >100mb, and it is likely that these large files will not print.


  • To save credit print your document in black only, then print the pages in colour. If you send the whole document as a colour file, you will be charged a colour price for each page.
  • Do a test colour print in b/w first to make sure your document is formatted correctly.
  • Print lecture notes double sided to save credit.
  • File size is one of the main reasons a print is never printed. Keep you file size below 20mb. Anything above this may not be accepted by the print servers.