2. Functions + Services Provided

Please find links below to details of the principal services IADT offers. It is important to note that this list does not include any public service provided by student run organisations, for which IADT has no responsibility.

2.1 Educational Services:

Information on faculties, departments and courses offered:

What we’ve got

As the national centre for courses in art, design, film, media and interactive media, our facilities are as excellent as you would expect.


The Library

Alongside print materials, the Library has a specialist area dedicated to electronic media, with PCs, Macs, wide screen TVs, DVD players and numerous Internet resources. Explore it at www.iadt.ie/services/library

Online Resources

Email Students have a Microsoft Outlook email account which can be accessed from both inside and outside the college.
Print Account Students with a computer account also have a printing account that must contain money in order to print.
Blackboard IADT students and staff use an online learning environment called Blackboard to post course notes, exam papers, submit assignments etc.
Turnitin Turnitin improves the student writing cycle by preventing plagiarism and providing rich feedback to students.
Timetables The student timetable is accessible online using CMIS.
Other On-Line Services CORE, Agresso, Banner, Citrix, Website, Adobe Connect
Results online Registered students can access their results online through the student database – Banner.

Fees, Grants + Scholarships


Cross Faculty Collaboration – Faculty of Film, Art + Creative Technologies

Exploring combinations of materials, processes, creative strategies and critical thinking will give you a greater appreciation of your main area of study.

Year 1 Introduction to FACT Module

Cross-faculty collaboration is a key approach across the Faculty of Film Art and Creative Technologies. All first year students take the common five credit first year module. In second year all students do an elective module.

Introduction to FACT First Year Common Module

Students from across the Faculty of Film Art and Creative Technologies work together in the first year (five credit module) Introduction to FACT. Students are assigned to groups and working together they explore the faculty, take field trips to Dún Laoghaire and talk to prospective applicants at the IADT Open Days in November. Through a range of module tasks they get to know students across the faculty and develop their group work, time management and presentation skills. They use Blackboard the Institute virtual learning environment VLE as part of their learning and assessment. Students create a digital artefact that represents the faculty as part of the module.

Elective Modules

Students on all courses in the Faculty of Film, Art and Creative Technologies can choose one module from a range of elective options during second year. Electives have been designed to encourage collaboration and experimentation and to broaden and deepen your understanding of the creative arts. They range in content from theatre and performance to media and politics, and include a wide range of learning experiences including overseas visits, practical workshops, lectures and seminars. Use your elective module as a chance to work with students and staff from other courses.

Elective modules
Character Visualisation for Theatre + Film
Fashion Photography
Generative Art
Individual Differences – What Makes Us Different?
Introduction to 3D Content Creation for Virtual Reality Applications
Introduction to Comics
Introduction to Screenwriting
Photography for Portfolio Presentation
Sonic Art
The Use of Type in Poster Design
Web Design

Students’ Union

IADT Students’ Union is the representative body for the students of IADT.


Student Services

IADT provides a range of essential support services to help all students participate in and enjoy college life to the full.


IADT is proud to participate in the ERASMUS programme, which encourages international mobility. The programme allows students to study for a term / semester (average stay of five months) or for a full academic year (average stay of 10 months) at a range of Higher Education Institutions across Europe studying a course that is similar to their IADT course, and which is recognised as fulfilling their course requirements at home.


Office of Academic + Student Affairs

The Office of Academic + Student Affairs provides administrative support for a broad range of activities including admissions, registration, examinations, grants and fees.

Exams and Assessments


The Marketing Office

The Marketing Office offers a range of services to aid in the promotion of third level education and more specifically, to encourage students to consider IADT as their college of choice.

Directorate of Creativity, Innovation + Research

The Directorate of Creativity, Innovation + Research has been established to drive the further development of research and innovation at IADT, to enhance our support infrastructure and funding for start-up enterprises in the fields of technology and digital media, develop new sources of research and development funding, and to maximise our engagement with industry: www.iadt.ie/researchandindustry