Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Quality Manual

The function of the Quality Manual is to set out in a systematic way the policies and procedures practiced by IADT in support of the Learner Experience.

Central to the Learner experience is Programme Development and Delivery. Section 1 outlines IADT’s Quality Assurance Policy and Procedures. In Section 2 issues of governance and management are addressed. Section 3 sets out IADT’s approach to developing new programmes, while Sections 5 and 6 look at the processes used to monitor and evaluate these programmes. Section 4 addresses the process of assessment and the provision of feedback to our learners, and Section 7 addresses issues around the hiring and support of staff to deliver services to our learners.

The standards of Management and Governance, and the means by which these standards are maintained are outlined in the IADT Quality Manual.