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Video Conferencing

Information Services has a video conferencing service available to all staff and students under supervision by an academic staff member.

The service is currently based in two locations 

Mobile Unit: Can be set-up in any meeting room with 5 working day notice (staff and students)
QN125: IADT boardroom (staff only)

This service is managed through the with in Information Services.

Both video conference systems are PolyCom systems and are based on the H.323 standard protocol, which is an IP based protocol. The permanent ones are high definition which give users the very high video quality.

The H.323 protocol allows the video conferencing system to communicate with other video conferencing facilities around the world free of charge for IADT staff, researchers and students due to it using the internet as the ‘carrier’ as opposed to phone line based systems. All institute of technologies and universities throughout Ireland have similar systems that are compatible with IADT’s system. The system allows IADT to host video conferences with up to three other locations. If your requirements require more that three other locations IADT have access to a video conference bridge in HEAnet, which allow larger groups to video conference together.

To book this resource please email specifing date and time your require the service. It is also recommended that you get contact details from your counterpart(s) technical support so a test can be performed beforehand.

Note: You must also book the room seperately. There is a minimum of three working days noticed for the use of this service. Video conferences that require the use of the HEAnet’s bridge require a minimum of five working days notice.