Erasmus+ for Staff

Erasmus+ Teaching + Training Opportunities for IADT Staff The Erasmus+ Programme offers IADT staff (academic and non-academic) the opportunity to carry out Teaching or Training visits to partner institutions.

Each year IADT applies for a number of Erasmus+ grants. The number of grants received each year depends on the number utilised in the previous year. In the last few years, 5 – 6 Teaching/Training grants have been awarded to IADT. All grants must be used in order for IADT to receive the same, if not an increased, funding the following year.

To ensure the participation of the greatest possible number of staff priority shall be given to lecturers/staff going abroad for the first time.

  • Teaching visits: this activity allows academic staff to teach at a partner institution.
  • Training visits: this activity supports the professional development of academic and non-academic staff in the form of training events abroad (excluding conferences) and job shadowing/observation periods/training at a partner institution.

Application for these staff teaching/training grants should be made through the IADT Erasmus Office. Approval from a Head of Department for academic staff and from a Head of Faculty/Functional Area for non-academic staff is required.

Teaching + Training visits

Minimum Requirements

  • Visit must be made to an Erasmus partner institution
  • Staff must spend a minimum of two days + 8 working hours in the partner institution

Erasmus+ grants available

The Erasmus+ grant will cover:

  • Travel costs (return plane ticket)

Plane ticket to be purchased by Faculty/Functional Area. Receipt/itinerary email (including travel dates and total cost) must be forwarded to the Erasmus Office.

Erasmus travel rates apply. Staff are expected to travel by the most efficient and economic route. If the cost of plane ticket is over the travel rate, the Faculty/Functional Area will pay the balance.

  • Individual Support costs (subsistence, accommodation, local transport)

No receipts need to be provided. IADT subsistence rates do not apply; Erasmus daily subsistence rates apply. If the subsistence costs are over the rates, the Faculty/Functional Area will pay the balance.

Note: travel and individual support rates vary depending on the destination country.

I want to participate on an Erasmus+ Teaching / Training visit, what do I need to do?

  • Talk to your Head of Department/Functional Area.

They will contact the Erasmus Office to check for funding. If funding is available, they will have to approve your teaching/training visit.

Note: a minimum of one month’s notice must be given to the IADT Erasmus Office. The more notice, the cheaper the costs of plane tickets and accommodation.

  • Contact the Erasmus partner to see if the teaching/training visit is possible, agree dates of visit and start a preliminary discussion about a teaching/training plan.
  • Contact the IADT Erasmus Office once you have confirmation of approval from your Department/Functional Area and the Erasmus partner.

The Erasmus Office will then support you in the completion of the following documentation:

  1. Grant agreement – to be prepared by the Erasmus Office and to be signed by the staff and Erasmus Office prior to the visit.
  2. Teaching / Training Plan – to be written by the staff member carrying out this visit. The teaching / training plan must be signed prior to the visit by IADT and the Erasmus partner.
  3. Certificate of Attendance – staff must return it to the IADT Erasmus Office on their return from their teaching/training visit.
  4. Erasmus survey – staff will receive an email from the Erasmus+ Programme asking them to complete an online survey on their teaching/training experience.

Once the Certificate of Attendance is returned and the Survey completed, the Erasmus Office will organise the payment of the Individual Support/subsistence. Payment will be made through the IADT Finance Office in your payslip, like all other expenses.

IADT Erasmus Office:

Please contact Elena Somoza, Erasmus Co-ordinator, if you have any query on the above or wish to avail of a teaching/training grant.