MA Design for Change

Our Design for Change MA aims to give designers and non-designers alike an in-depth knowledge of integrated design strategies and the skills to leverage design in the pursuit of organisational change and sustainable innovation.

The programme offers powerful, collaborative design skills which our graduates utilise to achieve co-created solutions which engage everyone and forge progressive change in individuals and communities.

Students are introduced to the latest developments in design theory and practice, and through project based learning, collaboration with our partners at the Institute without Boundaries and real client engagement they learn to apply the transformative capacity of design.

The programme responds to the great challenges of the present and future; economic, cultural and ecological. All require strategic approach to design and problem solving and this programme offers a dynamic new way of engaging those challenges creatively, purposefully and responsibly.

What will I be doing?

  • Complex Problem Solving and Critical Thinking.
  • Developing creative solutions for economic and cultural challenges.
  • Working with industry partners and stakeholders on “live projects”.
  • Manage and participate in national & international charrettes.
  • Develop interdisciplinary outcomes for services, products & strategies.

What modules will I study?

An international collaboration, developed by two established centres of excellence, the curriculum is carefully crafted to allow students to both learn and apply models and theories of design strategy using real case studies with global significance. Throughout the process, students have on-going access to a large list of industry professionals, expert advisors, and faculty.

Modules include:

  • Interdisciplinary Research Methods
  • Applied Design
  • Design: Context and Theory
  • Integrated Design Strategies
  • Communication Design
  • Professional Studies
  • Major Project


In term two there is the option for the MA students to travel to Canada to participate in the Toronto International Charrette. This is an annual Institute Without Boundaries event that brings together 200 plus students, faculty and industry experts from organisations around the world. The goal of each charrette will be for participants to design detailed project proposals that respond to the major themes of the current Institute Without Boundaries major project.

Future careers

Graduates will be prepared to work at a strategic level across a broad range of sectors. Recent graduates are employed as service designers, design researchers and design strategists in a wide variety of sectors, in Ireland and abroad; tech companies, financial services, non-for profits; government organisations and their own enterprise or consulting service.

This course is developed and delivered in collaboration with the Institute Without Boundaries / George Brown College, Canada.