Mature + Non Standard Applicants

Mature applicants, 23 years of age or over on the 1st of January in the year of entry to an IADT course, are not required to meet the minimum entry requirements specified for standard applicants. However, some programme specific minimum requirements must be met. Please see prospectus for details.

Mature and non-standard applicants must also apply to the CAO by the following closing dates and tick the relevant box (mature student or disability/specific learning difficulty) on the CAO form.

Closing dates as follows:
Application 1st February 2020
Late application 1st May 2020*
Change of Mind 1st July 2020

*Late application deadline only applies to courses which are not ‘Restricted Application’

CAO applicants who have ticked the ‘Disability/SLD’ box on the CAO application form will receive the ‘Supplementary Information Form’ from the CAO. This must be completed and returned to the CAO by the specified deadline. Such students may be invited to an informal interview to discuss their application and any additional provisions that may be necessary to ensure their full participation on our courses.

If applying for a course that requires a portfolio, mature and non-standard applicants must submit a portfolio for assessment as above. The February 1st application deadline applies to all such applications.

If you have any further questions please contact; / +353 1 2394621